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So much more than sale days!

Ever wonder what we do to get ready for a sale? Ever wonder what a home looks like before we organize and display everything? What does it look like after the sale is done?

We get these three questions a lot! We thought it would be fun to share some before during and after photos of recent sales and give you an inside look at our work. We love what we do and want you, our shoppers to love our sales. Most importantly, we want our clients to be proud of our work and love how we showcase their treasured items and home.


There are many times when a property has been packed up by a family before we are hired or there is just a lot of stuff collected by the owners and they need to downsize. The owners have removed any items they want to keep and it is our job to go through the rest. The sale below had everything packed up or left as it was in the home. It represents three generations of things collected and used for everyday living. We love being of service to our clients and helping them process all of their belongings and realizing the most value. We take the stress out of this journey for our clients so they can move forward.


We go through the boxes or piles and we sort, clean, organize, price and display. We want our shoppers to find the things they like easily and quickly. We dig in attics or basements and uncover vintage treasures and bring them back into view. The photos below are the same house as above...just set up for the sale. This sale was really fun and folks were lined up early for the Grateful Dead t-shirts and the clothes.


After the sale is done, our job is usually to clear the home of any leftover items and leave the home broom swept and tidy. Usually the home is getting ready to be sold. What happens to left over items? A lot! We do our best to avoid placing anything in the trash that can still be used. We first work to get useable items to folks that need it. We work with local charities to offer them everything from furniture to household items. We work with haulers to remove scrap metal or other items that can be repurposed and kept out of the landfill. Here is the same house three days after the sale - all cleared out!

We absolutely love seeing a home transformed. We love connecting with and helping our clients. We hope you love our sales and keep joining us in this journey to be of service, reduce, reuse and recycle.

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2 commentaires

Julie Lloyd
Julie Lloyd
31 mai 2022

As a shopper, I really like you guys!


John Morgan
John Morgan
31 août 2021

As a client, I can attest to the magic skills Jessica and Jamie have. Amazing!

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